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  Cush-A-Nator® – New Installations
Cush-A-Nator® – Retrofit / Replacement Applications
A key feature of the Cush-A-Nator is this ability to place the cushion and rotate into position. Perfect for retrofit applications!
Retrofit - The Common Problem
Replacing a cush-a-clamp within a long pipe run poses a problem. Clamps before and after the one to be replaced prohibit the pipe from being raised so that the new cushion can be installed correctly. All to often a work-around is used which compromises the connection.
   Step 2:
Insert the Cush-A-Nator® onto the pipe and then use the exclusive "Thumb Drive" to rotate into position.
     Step 3:
Add Pipe Clamps and tighten the assembly.
  Step 1:
Retrofit - The Perfect Solution Step 1: Remove Bad Cushion.
Step 3: Rotated into place while on the channel and the Self-Alignment tab automatically aligns with the channel opening ready for clamping.
Step 2: The Cush-A-Nator can be installed without raising the pipe. The unique "Thumb Drive" allows you to rotate the Cush-A-Nator into position.
Step 3: Add Pipe Clamps and tighten the assembly.
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Rotate into Position
Thumb Drive
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