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 Z-Clamp Units
The Z-Clamp is designed to maintain a consistent center line dimension for horizontal clamping or vertical stackable clamping applications. Z-Clamp maintains that center line while accommodating the same, or different diameter tubing, hose or pipe. Suited for all types of hydraulic hose, tubing, and pipe clamping applications, the Z-Clamp provides yet another alternative to the broadest cushion clamping product line in the world.
A Z-Clamp consists of an adapter framework which is offered in two versions. One has mounting bolts between each adapter insert and the other has two additional mounting bolts at each end of the frame.
Z-Clamps (Pages 225 - 226)
Standard framework,
bolts between each adapter
Outside hole framework, bolts between each adapter and two additional bolts at each end
Z–Clamp - Overview
    Z-Clamps can be stacked for even more line clamping ability.
Z-Clamp & Beta Adapters
Optional Adapters
O-Ring Face Seal (Page 227)
Beta Adapters (Page 224)
The Z-Clamp inserts are also used with the Beta Adapter.
37° Flare Male
Junction Adapter (Page 228)
 Female Junction Adapter (Page 228)
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Rubber Split
Bushings (Page 228)
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