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  Cush-A-Block® Rooftop Supports
75% Faster Strut Install and Change-Out
 Built-in Channel Guide
   Straight Strut Installation
  Embedded Fasteners
  Use 3⁄8" x 3⁄4" bolts
 No Rust on the Roof
    Easy-carry Hand Grip
   Simple to Lift and Carry
  Water Flow-through
        Helps Prevent Mold and Ice Dams
  • 100% Recycled Rubber Qualifies for LEED Credits
• Meets the Buy America Act and American Reinvestment Recovery Act
• Dampens Vibrations
• Compatible with Most Rooftop Materials
• Eco-Green Reflective Safety Strip Won’t Peel or Flake
     • Resistant to Freeze and Thaw
Solar Racking | Pipe & Conduit | HVAC | Rooftop Walkways
 Cush-A-Block is manufactured under U.S. patent D824749 and one pending, and Canadian patents #175942 and one pending
                                              The channel for Cush-A-Block support assemblies includes a variety of options. The strut can be made in special lengths, finishes, and alloys including Aluminum, Stainless Steel both 304 & 316, PVC coated, Powder coated, Zinc Trivalent Chromium, Pre-Galvanized and Hot Dipped Galvanized.
Embedded nut eliminates any thru holes and prevents leaks or any rust from forming on the underside of the fastener.
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