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Electrical Installation Instructions
 A .... W200 (shown) Raceway Base (pages 34-39)
Also included are Catalog Numbers W210, W300, W500, W210KO, W300KO, and W-500KO.
B....W6500 (shown) Wire Raceway Cover (page 176) Snap-on type (0.040" thick). Cover must be used to close 7⁄8" slot in raceway base to comply with Underwriters Laboratories® approved installation
I...... W6449 - Outlet Box Connection Fitting (page 174) Install as shown using flat head machine screws and channel nuts (supplied), use chase nipple, plastic bushing and lock nut to attach electrical box to connection fitting.
J..... W6460 - Fixture Stud (page 176)
This fixture stud offers an alternative means of attaching fixture to the slot side of support channel. Install with washers and hex nuts.
K....W6461 - Fixture Nut (1⁄4"-20) (page 176)
Provides optional method of attaching fixture. Install with 1⁄4" washer and hex head cap screws supplied.
See maximum number of wires tables on page 258. – Always Consult your local, state and federal electrical code for all installations
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