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• For use on hydraulic applications with operating pressure up to 3,000 Psig
• Heavy duty, double shutoff coupler
• Connect/disconnect under pressure with minimal air inclusion
and fluid loss
• Interchangeable with manufacturers' couplings
• Plugs can be bulkhead mounted
6100 Series Socket Features
Full Hex (Ease of Installation)
Compact Body Profile (Reduction of Side-Load Stress)
Hybrid Valve Guide
(Improve Flow & Pressure Performance)
6100 Series Plug Features
Vane Valve Guide (Improve Flow Performance)
Compact Body Profile (Reduction of Side-Load Stress)
6100 Series
• Brass body resists corrosion
• Zinc plated steel wing nut • Stainless steel springs
• Buna-N Seals
Temperature Range: • -40° to +250° F
Anti-Extrusion Seal-Pack (Superior Impulse Performance)
              Bonded Flange Valve (Improved Impulse Performance)
Industry “Norm” Tubular Valve Guide
Hybrid Valve Guide
 Full Hex (Ease of Installation)
    O-Ring “Full Connection” Indicator (Improved Connection Efficiency)
Swaged Valve Seal (Resistance to Flow Damage)
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