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“Push On” Hose
   Push-On Hose - Foster
• “Push-On” fittings do not require hose clamps. Hose grips barb through distortion of braid. Forms leak proof grip with “Push-On” fitting. “Push-On” hose used with standard barbed fittings requires hose clamp.
• For shop air, pneumatic tools, petroleum base hydraulic oils, anti-freeze compounds, gasoline, water, lubricating oils and diesel fuels.
1Trim the end of the hose as square as possible.
3 Completed connection, ensure that the hose is completely inserted.
Brand - Designates   =Foster or =Breco Part
Foster “Push-On” hose is constructed with a synthetic rubber tube, fiber braid reinforcement and a synthetic rubber cover, resistant to abrasion, oil and mildew.
• Temperature range: -40° to +212°F.
                 Part No.
   1⁄4" x 9⁄16"
  Fiber Braid Reinforced Synthetic Rubber
 3⁄8" x 11⁄16"
  Fiber Braid Reinforced Synthetic Rubber
  1⁄2" x 13⁄16"
   Fiber Braid Reinforced Synthetic Rubber
  ** Hose can be purchased by the reel or cut-to-length 50 feet or less.
Note: When used with Push-On fittings, hose clamps are not required.
   2Grip the Plug or socket firmly and Push On hose.
   ZSi-Foster Engineering Catalog
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